Organic Whole Equipment for Aptitude MBR Reclaimed Water Reuse is a kind of machine that combines MBR membrane separation technology with biological treatment technology and intelligent control technology. It features compact design, aesthetic appearance, small area, low cost, reliable operation, high automation as well as simple maintenance while discards defects in traditional sewage treatment technology. Secondary sedimentation tank was replaced and reclaimed water can be obtained through effective solid-liquid separation. It also boasts high concentrated microbial biomass in biological tank, less excess sludge, effective removal of ammonia nitrogen, near zero suspended substance in the effluent and turbidity, elimination of bacteria and virus to a great extend and effluent quality is much better than reclaimed water quality (exceeds national first level standard A). This system is suitable for waste water treatment of residence communities, offices, commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, high ways, railways, factories etc. as well as for industries like slaughter, textile, beer, paper mill, leather, food, chemicals etc. Specifications we produce are as follows: 5t/d, 25t/d, 50t/d, 100t/d, 150t/d, 200t/d, 300t/d, 500t/d (manufacture according to client’s requirement)