• Name: Vacuum Belt (type) Filter Press
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DU rubber vacuum belt (type) filter press is a high efficient solid-liquid separation device absorbed advanced technology at home and abroad. It has a fixed vacuum box where tape slides on to form a sealing structure and solid-liquid is separated under vacuum sub pressure. Filter area is able to auto-filter, wash cake, discharge sludge, regenerate cloth and collect mother liquor and washing liquor in section. It features high efficiency, large productivity, low water-content of cake, simple operation and easy maintenance. After years of improvement, its technology achieved the international advanced level and is widely used in solid-liquid separation for metallurgy, mining, chemical engineering, paper mill, food, pharmaceutical, coal washing, environmental protection industries, especially for calcium sulfate dewatering in FGD.
  1、Modularized design is for easy installation and transportation.
  2、High auto degrees: Consecutive auto feeding, filtering, washing, dewatering, discharging, cloth cleaning improves production efficiency,
    3:Fast filter speed: large particles will settle at the lower layer while small particles upper layer when material goes through sedimentation area. Reasonable structure of filter cake ensures low resistance of liquid for fast filter of thin layer.
4:Convenient filter technology: cake thickness, water vol., counter current decantation stages, vacuum degree, filter speed can be adjusted for optimistic effect.
    5:Fine decantation effect: even and thorough multi-stage advection or counter current decantation makes collection and reuse of mother liquor and washing liquor separately.
  6、DSC for control system ensures site control and remote control automatically.
Vacuum box and lifting device
  Vacuum box is connected by section as a whole and each section is connected with liquid collection pipe to form a vacuum liquid collection system. There is also a lifting device for easy change of friction belt.
Adjusting device:
  Auto-adjustment of cloth by cylinder or gasbag for normal operation.
Tightening device works through screws for sufficient friction to avoid deviation.
Water jet for cloth and tape washing and sealed vacuum box for site cleaning, head is from US spraying system co. for better performance.
Fluent method: 
  Counter current type and shower device offers two choices as advection or counter current decantation for different materials so as to wash completely.
九、Control system:
  Remote and field control is convenient for unattended operation.
十、sideway of tape and shutter
  Four-layer EP200 polyester fabric for loop rubber band and composite structure for sideway, that is, wave sideway is connected with parallel tape ensures elasticity so as to avoid fraction of sideway and outflow of liquor when it goes through the roller. At the top of rubber band is a row of groove with vacuum discharging hole on it, pure rubber layer for discharging hole part can prevent liquid flows into rubber tape through cloth thus greatly improves its life time.