Coke wastewater comes from high temperature carbonization of coal, gas purification and production of chemical products. Its main resources are: A- residue ammonia water, it is produced during the process of gas-cooling and accounts for half of total water vol.; B- Separated water from gas purification process; C- water from refinery of tar and crude benzol. Coke wastewater contains large sum of refractory organics and other hazardous substances such as phenol, cyanide, benzene and ammonia thus greatly pollutes environment.
With “biological purification + physicochemical purification” method in coke water treatment, we use separation tank (coke knocker is our patented product) and air flotation to remove oil first, then to remove phenol, ammonia and cyanide sulfide by air stripping tower, later water after A2/O biological purification will flow into coagulation reactor for further elimination of COD and oil, at last goes through secondary filtering system and then discharged.