It is mainly used for treating sewage with floc specific gravity close to water in industries like machinery, chemical, textile, transportation and food, especially for treating oil drilling sewage, oilfield reinjected water and refinery waste water.
It adopts physical-chemical process as main technology. Combined traditional chemical method, flotation method with filter & absorb method, it boasts simple operation, wide application, compact structure, convenient installation and stable performance. It works well in separating oil and water, removing suspended particles, COD, BOD and water after treated can meet discharging standard.
It is composed of sewage pump, measuring device, dosage tank, reaction tank, air flotation tank, air flotation system, sand filter, active carbon absorption column and electric control system. They are fixed on the same base for machine with treating capacity less than 10T/H, if treating capacity exceeds 10T/H, these components will be transported individually and installed at the site. It will auto-run after the installation.